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BB&B adventures

January 10th, 2007 at 03:51 am

(an extension of something I posted in the forums)

I went to Bed Bath and Beyond and was poring over the clearance rack, and I started looking deep into the very back of the shelves. There was a set of nice sheets originally marked at $180, but I guess because the crummy zipper on the plastic box had broken, they had marked it down to $45. They also have (had?) a sale where you can take an extra 30% off clearance-tag items, bringing the price to $31.50, and then I had a "20% off any one item" coupon from a promotion I got in the mail. The total came out to something like $25 plus tax.

I was there the day before as well and I picked up a window treatment bar with ornaments on the ends, originally marked at $45, for $3! It appears that the plating came faulty from the factory, but the drapes almost totally cover the bar anyway so it really doesn't matter, the exposed part just looks like it has some kind of funky fake antiquing.

I have a bunch of these coupons because people in my apartment building get them in their mailboxes and then discard them in the pile of supermarket flyers, etc. If I get there before someone cleans up the pile I can salvage extra coupons. This is fortunate because I just moved into a new (cheaper!) apartment.